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Monday, July 20, 2009

BUSIEST Weekend ever.

I know midterm is coming very soon,
and i should stay at home study, study & study,
and accounting is really killing me.
but weekend really made my day.

FRIDAY 17th July 2009
i was really down last friday,
only after i went to the 'steamboat bash' & met someone crazy,
my mood turned to be high.
thanks lot hockkk.
i knew you're lying alot,
and i was laughing non-stop too.
i dont care, i just want to be happy. =D

i'm going to popularize you hock.
let's see.
[ohya, going to upload all pic in small size. too many to upload.]

camwhore while they were playing poker. saw the poker girl? HAHA

what happened to your eyes man? bwahahahha!

then we were playing poker tat day, but mostly cracking jokes.
this time wasn't us, it's the guy above there.

he was like, lying around, talking something ridiculous,
and speak some alien language as well.


- End of friday's part.

SATURDAY 18th July 2009
Here comes the saturday,
considered as the most crowded day in a week.
well, ultra's sister and her friend were here too.
they came to visit our miss hum and here for jalan-jalan as well.
so we were the tour guide during the time,
went to watch public enemies as well.
omfg.johnny depp is so H-O-T!
i want him to be my husband!!! not just a boyfriend,be my husband john!
i will be your black bird.
then we headed to GOGO again lorh,
sang for 2hrs.
conclusion is, nx time dont go on saturday,
it's much more expensive okay?!
after after after,
i considered this is the must for every tourist to get here,
so they enjoy their trip as well.
lets the photos do the rest.

it's outside DREAM BOX. just borrow the backgroud. xD

captured this while waiting for the ladies to ease themselves.

told u already, call me miss camwhorrie. =D
i admit i'm not a good poser. same smile same pose.

nice view from jetty.

doing this while i was bored. lame lame lame. i considered myself as a super L-A-M-E GIRL.

NOTE: not many photos of me, since i wasn't the main character. haha

- End of Saturday's part. -

SUNDAY 19th July 2009
Sunday, most probably the day i looking forward the most.
because STEVEN ONG & his friends are going to meet us up!
Met up w/ steven, his friends, Rachel, Wai Kit & Wai Kin
[sorry if i got spelling error for the names.]

i just knew that wai kit is actually cousin of jiawen!
OMG. this world is way too small.
everything is like link link & link.
well, they are cool.
nice to meet them all. =]

we headed to historical places w/ xiaowei's sister at the first,
then i only brought them to the same place again.
of course, brought them for chicken rice, but not balls.
then jonker...
undeniably, they are shopaholic.
just grab anything they saw.
they seems happy to shop there for small & cute accesories.
let the photos do the stories.
*yawning* & *yawning*
*eyes are getting smaller & smaller*

more details should refer to ultragal's blog,
she will update soon once she got those photo.

oh ya i met apple!!! she was in the church. so you yuan.

2nd piece was taken by the china guys, haha they asked whether wanna take a pic together? HAHA. i was like, ' wan meh? dont wan lah. '
[malaysian chinese]rofl

shine shine camwhore jugok.=D

this was taken by chinchee, she lovesss those stars.
tell u what those stars were actually walking beside me at jonker,

and i was stunned at the moment.

conclusion : monday is a short guy.
i mean, not a tall one lah.

yerrr why i looked fat here!!!

tong, look at ur cousin?!

me vs rachel. =]

do u mind i upload this one instead of that one? HAHA

- End of Sunday's part -


midterm is coming soon,
i'm still slacking around.
broke somemore,
so no more outting this 2weeks.
i stricly restricted myself.
i can do it!


wish me lucks people! =D
goodnites & sleep tight.

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