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Thursday, July 2, 2009

BBQ Night w/ orientation buddies. (:

I just came back ep here 45minutes ago.
me and my teammates went to a BBQ organized by yellow team at UV apartment.
we decided to go together since its been ages ago we havent seen each other,
[ this case is not related with apple ang. cuz we met everyday. (: ]

spare me,
i'm damn tiring right now and just let the photos do the stories okay?
i desperately need water.
of course, 100plus would be my best choice.
lols since apple asked me not to drink too much,
so i just take RO water. (=

we are so close during the orientation week. (=

what pose isit? btw, it's nice.

what the hell is he trying to do???????

uncle yeoooooooooo xD

legs in the water.

the last but not least, we're all miss camwhorrie. this is the cam whore session.


you know what, i always love applesssssss. like how i love the two apples.
oh, i love racheal too. (:

actually there are still few photos in appley mobile,
she is now rushing her homework and
she promised that she will upload @ facebook this weekend.
so, means, more photos at facebook this weekend. heehee.

GOOD NITEs People. (:

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