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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another New Layout

actually i already posted one post before,
but i deleted.
cause of the words' colours and size which i NOT really satistied.

so post another almost the same one.
did u guys realized that i changed my layout again?
btw, it's a simple one lah.

i cant find anything else to do already.
waka-waka, bejeweled blitz, pet society, hotmail..
and even the drama!
msn? hmmmm.

i was having my businessmath test today,
finally over already.
but im not sure w/ my answers,
hopefully can gain marks w/ those steps.

another 2 tests upcoming,
account & econs.
accounting is so so so so so so so so irritating i should say,
and it's my bad that i never try to pay attention on da class.
*big sigh*

& oral presentation is coming.
* big big sigh *

i just wanna tell,
please do not cling on me anymore.
you make me a burden.
i'm sorry. =(

i wonder why are people out there are so selfish?

and, now i realize,
the least u expect the more u get.
so, i try not to expect too much from today onwards.

anyway, i never changed.

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