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Friday, June 19, 2009

Untitled blog .

It's friday today, and i'm quite excited that i don't have any classes today.
Yay! :)
And im going to overnight at water city again.
shhh. i'm the illegal one.

Last week was my first week for the class.
Undeniably, it is quite loose compared to secondary school schedule.
I got to know few of my coursemates here.
what i should thanks to GOD is, apple, which is my close teammate,
is also same class with me. :D
I'm quite happy that im able to know my coursemates since they're quite funny also.

I was having my dinner last night at MMU corner,
there are varieties of food there that you can ' eat till you drop! '
seriously man. next time when you all wanna visit me i bring u all there.
the nyonya laksa which i ordered yesterday was too delicious that i can't explain to you all.
so, dont be surprise that im fat when i back to hometown okay?
After that my housemates and i headed to the Moli Dian Zi and what they always called Moli,
there are people singing at front then u just enjoy it lah.

arghhh, im now having flu and coughing all the time.
i really need some medicine to help me out.
i hate coughing when i m already fall asleep,
it wakes me up! grrr.

Sh*t, im now nearly broke too.
I just need to control myself when i saw food, clothes, shoes and especially 100plus!
currently addicted to 100plus, like i can't breath if i din't drink it one day.
tell me W-H-Y and teach me H-O-W?
Coughing is unbearable i should say, flu somemore.
my tissue is going to restock
Align Leftsoon.

" i'm now quite confusing. i hope that it's not for fun.
since the opportunity comes and i should grab it.
but, there are still many obstacles to face.
i know, if i were to choose this and that one is going to fade.
everything just begin right now, let's GOD decide everything.
may GOD bless me as well.
u're going to make the choice. "

P/S : am i doing too much?

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