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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A trip to Melaka Town..

I woke up quite early this few days,
i admit that my lifestyle is quite normal already since i came here.
Blah blah blah~
Stop talking nonsense here lahh.
Oh ya and some more, people who visit my blog due to saw the link posted by Shuang Shuang,
i have to declare that she posted herself one, and she kept laughing at me yesterday. :(

Now im going to blog about a trip to melaka town last weekend.
ChinChee and XiaoWei were together with me,
we had got free buses!
So the first day we went to shoppingggggggg, there's a sale in my favourite store!
I bought one Vincci Sandal which only costs me around RM20.
Then i bought two tops that only cost me RM23.
But it's not the branded one, i just saw it nice and bought it.

We were in the Cinema, watching Night In The Museum II.

The field in front of Dataran Pahlawan.

Yeah, i love this one. edited by xiaowei of course.

Missssssss Camwhoriesss

I always looked Fat when together with Xiaowei.

She's 168cm! *jealous*

water fortune.

After 7hours of walking here and there,
we were all dead on feet.
Then the 2nd day we also visited the same place,
we did visited some historical places lah
which chinchee likes it so much.
But we wondered why were we so tired that day,
three of us were so sleepy and hardly open our eyes.
We went to MCD at 11.40am something to wait for the McValueLunch time to approach.
And we felt cold all the time.
At the night, i was having fever, luckily the 100plus saved me. Yeaaahhhhhhhh~

This was taken unitentionally.

This is where Jpa Scholars stay...


I dont know why i become fat in one day. ;(

Chin Chee wondered whether is it MCA's Airplane?

The drums are so effin cute!

Must love each other nuhhh. HAHA

You saw that guy with the Iguana? I never acknowledge that he was beside me until he said a word. I shouted at the moment. LOL

My camera was out of battery that time, then we just loafing around the mall.
We did went to the game station, yeah, i love racing games!
We were exhausted in the end.

Buhbye, i still have tons of clothes waiting for me to wash.
So sick of this! I should get a washing machine instead?
Class at 2pm. wish me lucks! :D

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