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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Layouts.

ellow people, i just finish editing my layout.
i was quite bored with my previous layout so i decided to change a new one.
hope you guys like it too. hehe.
but the thing is, i still dont know how to edit the blog archive,
can anyone there point this out for me?
thanks alot. (:
not other intention, just to make sure you guys can reminiscing the moment we were together
by reading my previous blog.

I started to miss everything about my hometown,
my family,
my friends,
those foodssss,
my mom's food especially,
my house,
my car,
oriental cafe,
last but not least,

I envy those who are going back to hometown every weekend,
like what my coursemates do.
atleast you no need to miss everything like crazy, just like me now,
by the way, the life over here isn't bad lah.
but not what you guys think lah,
i know what is on those fellow's mind. *laughs*
what i mean is, maybe i'm having companies here too.
my best friend is now with me, although we dont meet everyday,
but we did meet every weekend.
my coursemates are all crazy, funny and of course nice.
they really made my day, everyday.
maybe i should thanks to GOD that i met them as my coursemates.

Finally, i've done my PTPTN loan stuff,
i mean the online application only lah,
we need to submit alot of documents but i dont think that soon lorh.
i heard jing jing is going back to hometown to do her stuff?
how much i hope i can go back KB,
the issue is, here is inconvenience, in order to back to my hometown,
i need to take bus to LCCT from melaka which takes around 2hrs,
then take my flight back there.
waste time, money and my energy.
or i can choose to travel by bus directly back to my hometown which i dislike lots.
i hate sitting at the bus then i often feel dizzy when the time is too long.
u know what i mean, right?

so far, i'm quite okay with my subject.
just, argh. the accounting subject is quite irritating,
i dont have basic and of course i know i need to be hardworking than others,
hopefully i can lah, going to get assistance from chin chee this weekend.
oh my god, there are quite alot of plan this weekend,
chin chee's coursemate which is a malacans, is going to bring us to kai kai this friday!
yippe! cant wait for that day, but i hope that my mom would increase my allowance as well.

Dont think im free cause i'm always on-line,
just maybe those busy life not yet approach,
i think, it's going to approach soon.
so wish me lucks man.
i really need a lot of lucks in every aspect.
if u know what i mean.

Gotta pen off here, i need to be ready since my coursemates is coming soon.
we're going to pasar malam,
i miss the nyonya popiah. arghhhhh. i just couldnt resist the temptation of delicious food!
fat? perhaps. heeee.

Take care friends.
i really miss u guys, alot.

P/S : why am i getting emotional this few days? PMS coming soon?

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