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Monday, June 15, 2009

My Orientation Week @ MMU

yeah, finally can blog about my orientation week at MMU.
But before that, i have to ask u all to ignore that BUBU. Sorry NONO,
Oh yea, he's my teammate which looks alike to taiwanease artist NONO ( he said himself lah..SS)
LOL. anyway, a nice and funny guy lah. wan his MSN? Get from me. :)

I was in water city which xiaowei and chinchee currently staying last weekends.
Undeniably it was always fulled with joy whenever you're together with your besties. :)
Let's me tell you about the orientation week at mmu last week.
I was indeed having fun at there,
so glad to know few friends there.
Aiyahh, let the photos tell the stories okay?

one of my favourite piece of photo. taken by racheal.

I think most of those photos i already uploaded on FB right, so i will just upload another group. :)

The-unbreakable-game! Lazy to explain. BTW, our group's egg was not broken at all!

Melaka Campus.

Library, btw sorry racheal, taken ur photo again. HAHA

Apple said she likes this one. Perhaps she was really concentrating so that this photo came out to be natural?

Apple, why so scary still dont wan scream? Arrrrrrrrrr...!!

Curious who's NONO? Here you are, the one with reddish-pikachu-fan. IShhhhh~

Yellow Three! Lead by HuiMing.

Pikachu Sashiiiii~

We were in the Orientation Night which represented Yellow Group! Pika~

Dark. *need flash* HuiMing our Mobile OC, the middle one.

- The End Of Orientation Week -
Seriously, i was quite missing my friends there. Hmm,
But im sure that we will still always keep in touch right?
see ya. Good Luck in ur future. :D

P/S : Another blog upcoming soon.

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