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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Leaving to Malacca

Hello, i've been abandoned my blog for dunno-how-many-days, and i was actually quite busy for packing and having the-last-fun with my dear friendssss. Well, i'm not going to upload the photos since i'm now upload it at facebook. My current desktop is way too LAG that i can't even properly use it. LOL. Infact, i lost my patient.

I've got a bad news. LOL i was having a illness on my right eyeball. My right eye was feeling not very well since yesterday, and today the tears were falling unintentionally. My eye was in redness and i barely open my eyelid. My mom brought me to the clinic and the doctor said my eye was having *oucer* (idk how to spell,read it out if u dont know wat's that,and tell me as well the correct spelling.thanks) due to contact lens irritation. Doctor said luckily it was only superficial *oucer* and if i were to have the serious one, i have to go to the hospital. He also suggested me to go for the check again before i go for my studies. I've to wear my glass everyday now. ishhh.

ATTENTION to every contact lens wearer : Wash ur hand clean when was ur lenses. Change ur contact lens water everyday (Especially for Ruren and Ruyi). Do change ur contact lens case every month.

Frankly, i was once worried that i may become blind *touch wood* and i'm really glad that i went to see the doctor immediately. My lenses are now contain bacteria and germs, and my contact lens case as well, so i will be throwing it SOON.

Oh dear friends, i'm leaving to Melaka this thursday. My dad will sent me there by car. For ur information, we will be leaving to Penang first to visit my grandparents and my dad going to do some stuff and going to Melaka directly this saturday. So, GOODBYE friendss. I'm sorry that if i'm not able to meet few of you, cuz i'm now still packing and it's advisable that i'm staying at home for the sake of my eyes.

Take care ♥
Remember to miss me okay, i'm surely to miss u guys heaps. ♥

*P/S : I appreciate the time we spent together, thanks. I ♥ u guys!

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