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A girl who is borned on the 16th of October 1991, from Kota Bharu. Currently studying in Multimedia University, Melaka. The one who is passionate towards life, fashion. Not to forget, a die hard fans of horoscope. Can be funny at most of the times, yet not to be messed around. Temper easy come and go.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The LAST Words

Today got a call from my bestie, Xiao Wei, she got a offer from JPA to study at MMU Melaka, which is together with me! Hell yeah, i was too excited that i jumped off the bed immediately! OMG. The GOD is treating me so fair that HE sent me a best friend there to keep me accompany. :)
A million thanks to the GOD.
and i have another good news is another ex-classmate of mine will be going there too. She will be studying for accounting course and oh dear, i felt so glad. :)

The main purpose i wrote this blog is, i want to say GOODBYE to my friends here. Honestly, i feel so bad that i have to say GOODBYE and TAKE CARE to everyone, and i can never spend my time with most of my BFF here although one of them is already there with me, and i sure i will miss them like crazy all the time. I promise, you're my BFF, that means BFF for life.
I want to thanks to everyone who leave a footprint in my heart.You all had made my life. Without you guys, i wouldn't enjoy my life at this dead city. A billion thanks to you guys! MUACKS <3

"Sometimes human tend to be selfish and i understand that that is human's nature that live in everyone's mind. Yet, try to reasonable. There is only one and only one word which is so magical yet simple that can solve every problem. Trying to be forgiven is not as easy as you seem, but for me trying to be forget everything is as easy as ABC. Try to understand people around you, make yourself not egocentric so that you won't easily offend people. "
I tried my best, as i said, i did tried. Please understand.


*P/S : They are my friends, and i knew it.

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