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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Durian Festival

I can't believe that i am actually posting two blogs today.
frankly, im quite free right now.
so why not just post something to let u guys know what happend to me today?
duhhh, just now me and my dear friends a.k.a coursemates went to the night market.
guess what, we bought a lot of foodsssssss,
and the durian-lover-elaine was actually trying to persuade us to buy the durian.
kidding lah elaineeeee. cheers (:
finally we bought it with rm8.
i have no idea whether it considered as expensive or not.

four of us averagely had 4packs of food on each hand.
we were too greedy and starving so we just bought what we saw.
arghhhhhhhhh. pok kai jor.
but we were having fun that time. teehee.
after that we headed to elaine's house to take our ' buffet '
the reason is, she's staying outside, not like our apartment that dont allow us
to let outsiders to enter one.
so we just went there and took our dinner.
sorry, i forgot to bring my olympus along, if not i surely will take all the food photos..

take a look at the photos we took with the main character today,
NOTE: i was in sweaty, dirty, and ugly mode.

introduce u guys my friends aka coursemates
from left apple, me, xiuting and elaineeeee (:


yahh you're right, i gained weight. LOL

that's my day.
at first i was so reluctant to eat durian,
u know i hate the strong smell of durian,
i was so afraid that i couldn't get rid of the smell.
but eventually i ate it. teehee.
i brushed my teeth for thrice already,
hopefully there won't be any smell tomorrow.

grrrrrrrrrrr, idk what the hell is in your mind.
i'm confusing, indeed.
and now i lost my way, idk what to do next.

P/S : i cant wait to see my friends on august. i miss u guys.....although i know it's still long way to go.

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