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Monday, June 29, 2009

Awesome Weekend.

Last friday, me, and the same old buddies went for an outing again.
this time was so lucky because chinchee has got 2 malacca friends.
for sure they are having a car so that they can fetch us here and there.
the first destination definitely would be dataran pahlawan lor.
irene brought us to the restaurant to take our lunch,
what i notice about that restaurant is,
their watermelon is way too tiny!

i know im lameeee. =(

my set meal. costs me only rm9.90.

she has got the same name as our miss hum. shiau wei?

then, we headed to window shopping lol.
they brought us to the part that we never been.
gahh. the part is selling cheaper stuff and i never knew about it??
lol. btw i have no money already and never buy anything except a cute jean bag.
it's cheap only lah. RM5 only.

we were too bored that we actually came to the same shopping mall
almost every weekend. HAHA
sounds like KB mall right?
but dp is way better lah.
hehe. so irene drove us to arena there.
i kept on telling them i wanted to go for karaoke,
finallyyy. finallyyy. finalyyyyyyyyy~
we [ mostly me lah. ] sang for 3hours and i was really satisfied.


this is where we sing K.

xiao wei has to edit this already. too dark.

while waiting for my turn, i was looking for some nice scene to photograph and i found it. it's eyes on malaysia.

after that, we were all starving. then shiau wei brought us to jonker street which i never been before. it's like petaling street but MUCH MORE BETTER lorh. they are so polite to their customers, those petaling street one are so R-U-D-E!
they are selling various cute stuff, their clothes bags are damn pretty and cheap.
definitely i listed it as my favourite spot in malacca.
we were having nyonya laksa as our dinner.
ohmygod. my favourite!


fat girl in the shop. HAHA

it's called nyonya asam laksa.

my favourite dessert!!!

take a look at these meaningful sign.

meaningful or not? i just able to capture 3 of them since i was sitting at the corner there.
finish our meal then we went to eyes on malaysia.
although we never take the ride,
we just doing something that we like at there,
like camwhorrieeee. =P
hold on, look at this photo 1st.
the best pic ever.

this was taken by the professional worker there. nice job dude! =)

camwhorrie session. which one u like? hiak hiak.

the end of friday.

Saturday always the greatest of course.
i was excited cause finally we meet rebecca and yeewen!
yeahhh. 2 kelantanese are here again.
actually we asked them to help us buy our dinner back to resort,
but they suggested us to go out for dinner.
so, we went to the nyonya restaurant.
the bad part is my camera was out of battery and i couldn't capture the food.
thanks alot to bear's dad for treating us such an abundant dinner.
its been ages ago i had this kind of meal.

finally i finish blogging. i wasted about 2hours to blog this.
now im going to do my homework.
enjoy my blog, people. =)

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