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A girl who is borned on the 16th of October 1991, from Kota Bharu. Currently studying in Multimedia University, Melaka. The one who is passionate towards life, fashion. Not to forget, a die hard fans of horoscope. Can be funny at most of the times, yet not to be messed around. Temper easy come and go.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Awesome day (:

Last saturday, me xiaowei and chinchee met up with steven and yunling.
heh, it was quite fun to meet up with your friends who never seen for ages..
hell yeah, but after that i'm nearly broke. :(
LOL. why i just couldn't resist temptation?
sorry no time for the details, cause i've got Econs homework to be done.

luxurious bus which only costs us RM12.20.

I heard someone likes Liverpool?

-the end-
P/S : sorry i really have a lots of stuff to be be done and i'm still slacking. im really not in the mood. :(

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