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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Week occupied with friends..

This week can be considered as the busiest and fun week in this year.
On the 1st of May, we were having a farewell for khang sheng.
He is leaving for Matriculation this 8th and also his Big day!!
So we decided to meet before he left.
We had a fun gathering at Pizza Hut,
it was fun because we were cracking jokes all the time.

Start from 7pm, they started to chat.

then chat again. i bet they don't know i took this.

they only stopped it once the food was served.

Lol, they don't even want to take photos with the birthday guy.
Not sporty one.

Only both of them took photo that day. :)

So the happy moments gone again. Here comes the 2nd of May.
Jayie is back! She came back from KL and going back there for her studies at Tarc.
Then we planned to go to the KFC nearby to have some chit-chat session.
They headed to my house after this.
But unfortunately we don't have some photo, yet.
She said that she was not well-dressed today and refused to take photos.
Anyway, i did took some photos. Just some random one.

This is a mobile phone or what we called PDA phone carried by her.

See? her LV purse.

My dream's LAPTOP. But i want the pink colour one. How bad they ignored me. :(

So, it's just that few. Hmmmmm...

* P/S : and.. Steven Ong is now in KB!!! cant wait to spend time with him tomorrow. :D

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