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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Steven Ong is BACK!!

Steven Ong is BACK!!
He can't wait to show us
his huge white Seed's tote.
It's a nice one. :)
So Xiaowei, Chaihong and him came over my house this morning,
and we chit-chat for quite a time,
we had a lot of stories to tell.
Then we went to USM to pay Jayie's mom a visit
and also had lunch at town there.

LOL. My stomach is really pain right now.
Sigh, im having menses today.
My stomach usually pain during the 1st day.
I have to lie on the sofa all the day in order to make me feel better.
Waiting for something is really frustrating.
The offer letter from MMU is not here, YET!
Previously, i don't check my mail box.
Now? I check my mail box thrice per day.
I wonder is it the postman lost my letter??
Oh god, pls bless me..
i got to know that the apartment only left 9th floor,
my dad doesnt allow me to stay at higher floor,
he said it's very inconvenient.
And i can't even book the apartment,
all the offer letter's fault!
I'm going to call the administrator tomorrow
if i haven't receive it tomorrow!

Today is the last episode for Stylista,
sigh, my brother is going to watch the Liverpool's match,
im going to miss it!!!
If there is a Liverpool, you don't ever dream to watch the tv,
he will fight anything just for Liverpool.

*P/S : I missed Love.18 today too. :(


  1. seems like your brother and I can really be good friend.
    I will fight anything just for Liverpool TOO !

  2. LOL!!! NOno! i wonder why u guys like it lor, especially girls. aikss.

  3. Oh My GOD,can't believe you dedicated this blog to me.How sweet.hehe~Love you!