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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Picnic @ Pantai Sri Tujuh, Tumpat

Hey guys, today me and my besties went for a picnic!
Ohh, it was fun indeed!
Steven and the sweet Ping drove us there early in the morning.

Even though there was a bit of 'accident' in the morning,

but we did had a plenty of fun!
NO kidding, it was extremely Funnnnnn!!!
Although we can't even find a shade at the beach,

or neither a people there,
we were so creative that we imagined that
we were in the competition of
' Survivor Malaysia Season 1 '.
What a cute name created by xiao wei.

As usual, we captured a lot of pictures there.

Yes, a lot. I only got for part I cause the battery was empty.
Another part is in Lian's mobile.

Will upload it when i get it, okay?

We started our journey at about half-past nine am. *saw ping's car ?*


It was too HOT, they were having fun with the ball.

The sweet girls. *wink*

Ore0-cheese cake prepared by Steven. Delicious!

Another 'starter' prepared by him. Thanks alot! :)

Tolonglah, very hot eh.

We were in the isolated island. SOS!

Let me introduce you guys this one.
Stay tuned @ 11Tv, every weekends, 9.00pm
' Survivor Malaysia Season 1'

Contestant no.1 : 'the-so-beachy' Steven Ong

Contestant no.2 : the-so-emo Ying Ying

Contestant no.3 : the-so-hot Kuei Ping

Contestant no.4 : the-so-powerful Xiao Wei, a.k.a Ultragal

Contestant no.5 : the-so-colourful Rainbow, a.k.a Chai hong

Contestant no.6 : the-so-playful LiLian

*end of the contestants*

Okay, this was a tragedy, the ball was gone by the waves. LOL
Steven thrown RM1.90 to the sea. :(

The professional photograph team and the newbies. HAHA. just kidding k?

Hot coconut!

We managed to visit the railway station @ tumpat.

End of part I, part II will be uploaded when i come back from Melaka ok?

* P/S : Off to Melaka tomorrow morning. :DD


  1. Oh My God,this is so so so funny!

    You're most welcome.And I would like to say Thank You for your delicious "jelly" and tasty "mini hotdogs".

    Well,I had a great time with you guys,too.

    Looking forward part 2 yeah!
    Safe journey my dear !

  2. why powerful? LOL!
    I'm having serious sun burn,
    my shoulder is half red n half white...
    The weirdest thing is that my shoulder's temperature is very high (higher than the rest of my body...)
    I'm so regret for acting beachy!
    remember to give me those photos...