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A girl who is borned on the 16th of October 1991, from Kota Bharu. Currently studying in Multimedia University, Melaka. The one who is passionate towards life, fashion. Not to forget, a die hard fans of horoscope. Can be funny at most of the times, yet not to be messed around. Temper easy come and go.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Picnic @ Pantai Sri Tujuh Part II

Eventually i got the photos! Yippee ^^
Can't wait to post it on my blog. :D

we were modelling.we've got a very professional photographer. :)

I was having fun with the sea water. *where's my head?*

HAHA. Our ' Survivor ' SHOOT. Edited by skillful ultragal.

Blue vs Ocean Blue.

Tried so hard to be cool, but failed. HAHA. This shows im not suit with sunglass.

I love this shoot!

See? i've told you Lian is very playful.

Steven, Lian, Ping, Me, Xiao wei and the sleepy rainbow. :D

Steven : " Hey captain, stop stop! Wait for us!! "
Me : " Sh*t! "

So sad, the train was gone. Go back to Kampung lahh.

Last stop, MCD @ Kbmall.

There are lots of photos lian sent to me,
but i only uploaded some with various scene.

*P/S : I do enjoy the moments spend with my friends. :)

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