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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My experience works as a teacher

Guess what?
Yesterday i was at the Chung Hwa Primary School,
working as the ' part-time ' teacher!
For only one day lahh. HAHA
It's fun though since the children were having examinations.

After half day of standing at the class,
i was dead on my feets.
No doubt, the heels were killing my feets!
My feets are now hurt so bad.
This is the cost you have to pay for being pretty. :)

Let me tell you something cute and hilarious about the class and children.
The 1st class i entered was 3K and it was the first period.
The children were so exciting and kept on telling others that i'm new.
So i distributed them the test papers and told them cannot flip until the exam time.
Again i asked them to check the paper whether got mistake on printing or not,
but they said ' Teacher u not say cannot flip meh? '
Sighh. Maybe was my mistake for delivering the improper message.
So the examination started, i look up to those who pay fully attention on their papers,
yet basically all of them did so.
I tot they will be like sleeping and refuse to answer like the way sec students did.
but i'm proud to say, none of them did that.
And some of the kids came to ask me,
' teacher....'
I wonder what would be the question, but the question turned out to be
' teacher, may i drink water?'
I mean, we don't need to ask such Q, and its probably they were polite.
it made me reminiscing how we acted in our class was rude.
Talking at the back, doing things different from what teacher was teaching,
and even took our meal at class!

Back to the topic, the others children started to ask the same question again,
what i did just to nod my head saying YES.
The 2nd question was ' teacher may i throw rubbish? '
Oh dear, so cute! Children were so naive.
One of the kids asked me whether the blank square it is for colouring?
I mean, this is the MATHEMATIC test!
*laughs* again.
The 2nd class was 3U. I totally love this class.
The children were so effin cute!
Especially a girl named Natasha, she really looks pretty and cute.
Her name suited her face very much.
And she was being so politely to me and
treated me as a sister by telling me stories abt her classmates.
I hope i've got a young sister like her!
And that was a Chinese Essay examination,
they were having competition who has the highest number of words.
HAHA. The monitor was so proud that he had abt 180 words
and kept on asking me to count for him.
Then what i told him was, teacher dont know how to count number.
They laughed! I asked them to guess how old am i
some of them were right
18, 15(LOL), 21, 30++.
Then i told them the last answer was right.
HAHA and of course they dont believe it.
End up i never tell them how old am i.

But i wouldn't want to work as a teacher,
it's boring. It's only fun when you faced with the cute ones,
and you will get angry when face with those mischievous one.
That's the last class i entered, 3M.
Oh dear, the children were running and using the broom to play around.
I shouted and yelled,
pity me no one but only one or two were listening.
Oh noooo. How if i have to face this kind of situation?
I can never put on an anger face. Aiks.

That's all i shared my experience. :)

*P/S : i missed the girl named Natasha!

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