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Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm glad that i learnt

I've been away from my blog for 2days,
my uncle from SG came back KB and i managed to bring him for a tour at KB.
Hee. What i found after the tour is,
KB has nothing interesting but only the malay delicacy which is so cheap and nice.
This few days i've been eating malay's food almost every meal.
It's nice though.

What i realized now is, i only left exactly 14days to leave my hometown.
It is my first time ever to leave my home so far for my studies, alone!
Although i wanted it so much since i was form4, but now, it's kinda weird feeling.
After that, i will be alone for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Handle everything by myself.
Hope that i will get used to it very very soon. :)

Last night my dad was asking me to take his laptop which he just bought last few months,
i was struggling since i always wanted to own a new one.
My dad claimed that i shouldn't bring the expensive one and soon i will find it so out-of-date,
i was really struggling that time.
Eventually, i took the deal. And i'm indeed very glad that i learnt to be not so stubborn.
Steven is always right with his points,
My parents love me more than everything.
So when i'm going to leave this home, just listen to them everything they want me to do.

I was pondering for a few minutes,
The laptop wasn't that outdated, its just the same one as lilian's.
And i don't want my mom spent so much on me, it's another way to save.
There are still lot of things that i didnt get it yet.
I don't want the same thing happens anymore,
I learnt to be mature to handle everything.
I was so glad, indeed.

I'll make sure to hang out with everyone of my friends before im leaving.
because i will be missing them alot!! Just patiently wait for my call. :)

Li Lian is leaving to Kampar today,
and soon Pei Chin and Huan Ying is leaving on SUNDAY.
Take care friends and keep in touch as what we promised okay? :)
Buhbyee. =D

*P/S : cant wait to meet my friends tonight!! :)

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