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Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm back!

Yo, im back from Malacca and KL!
I was so tired and exhausted, LOL.
The distance from KB to Malacca is way too far.

The journey took about 8 to 9 hours.

I haven't got the photos @ pantai irama part II.
The line was too busy when lian tried to send me.
but i will upload it asap when i got it.

So now, i share some photos that i took at Malacca k.

I already settled my accomodation at Malacca,
so unlucky that i cant book the room at Ixora,
it's full.
So i booked the room at Emerald Park,
hope that's a comfortable place to stay too.

We stopped at Tesco Ampang for an hrs to wait for my uncle.

Alice, Jiji and Me. *need flash*

The chicken rice balls. It's packed, and taste not really nice. :(

This is where we took our lunch.

I totally love this photo! :D

My little tiny brother was looking around..

My mischievous brother was climbing the stairs.

Eye on Malaysia @ Malacca.

*P/S : I wasn't in those pictures, because i'm the photographer, and also not in the mood.

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