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Friday, April 24, 2009

Thanks for supporting !

Hello guys,
thanks you so much for supporting. HAHA
So touch when i saw you guys leave something in the chatbox.
I mean, saying "hello" or "hi" already more than enough.
HAHA! :)
So happy, but please make sure you guys get updated with my blog ok?

Just came back from tesco shopping mall,
saw zhiwei and limun there,
they are working there for 3days.
Oh ya, i saw him again.
he's not anyone, i dont know him at all,
just wondering why i care so much.
ish. nothing.

My friday's plan :
1. accompany my mom to tesco to get some fresh vege.
2. hangout with xiaowei and chaihong at kbmall.

What to do?
Not tesco then kbmall lah.
i've told you, my life is boring.

Gosh, i hate the stink smell outside my house,
i think it is caused from the corpses of the rats.
when i say stink,
it means really-goddamn-smelly!
Can you imagine that?

* P/S : i felt really stress. really. i need spaces, desperately.


  1. Hah.Por Ying Ying,I know very busuk larh,describe until like that.Hmm....=-="
    Oih,don't go on friday larh,wait for me.I am going back very soon ady eh.

  2. damn busuk lor u know or not? now the smell gone already. OK! will wait for you.