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Saturday, April 25, 2009

My bad day.

Sigh, today is just not a good day.
Early in the morning,
i was having a not-so-serious diarrhoea.
went to toilet for 2 times aren't that serious for food poisoning right?
I still remember the time i was having a serious food poisoning,
when i was err, form 4.
All the char-kuey-teow's fault.
Guess what?
I went to the toilet for 9 times in a day!!
My dad end up sent me to the clinic at about 10.30pm.
and guess what the doctor said after i told him the fact?
Maybe he just wanted to cheer me up.
but still thanks to him,
because i love the medicine he gave to me.
It's really tasty lar, no kidding.

I fetch my brother and his friend to tuition,
i was supposed to go by myself,
and i prefer to.
But my mom insisted to give me company.
Ok well.
Travelling on the road,
she just keep nagging at me.
She kept on asking me to drive on at left lane,
okay i obeyed.
Next, speed not over 60km/h.
I got scolded just because i drove to speed 70km/h.
She claimed that i shouldn't drive that fast at town.
NONO! it's a straight road with a very prominent divider.
Ok well well,
' mummy, you got to stop. '
Then, she just a little bit too worry.
i mean, a little bit too over!
She just kept worrying that i will hit this and that,
finally, i was really pissed and frustrated!
Then i yelled back to her!
i did avoid to hit the car!!
Then, i let her drove all the way back.

MY god, i hate it when people nagging beside me,
that's why i would rather to drive alone.

* P/S : i'm hungry now.


  1. oh Y, we're juz the same...
    i was havin' diarrhoea too!
    i think we're too close... haha!
    xoxo, diarrhoea rynx =.=

  2. HAHA yea lor. damn! maybe got ppl curse on us. HAHA xoxo :D

  3. I guess I'll am the one,hah~
    Mothers are like that.I had the same experience,too.*sigh
    Hope tmr is a better day for u!

  4. haha. thanks!! yaya. i told mei about this.