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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hey guys, last night i stayed up to 1am something,
i was actually watching the movie, CONNECTED!
It was indeed a very nice one.
I strongly recommend you guys this movie.
Although i know i'm abit late for it,
but it just shown on the Astro

Starring : Louis Koo, Barbie Hsu, Nick Cheung

First of all, the story is really exciting,
i bet you won't close your eyes for even on
e second!
It already very keyed up in the beginning.
I think the collaboration between veteran Louis Koo and Barbie Hsu
is totally perfect!
And hey i think Barbie Hsu is pretttyyyyy too!
Although i don't like her when she starred at the taiwan's drama,
Meteor Garden.
But now she is becoming more pretty
and she's actually kind of temperament type girl.
I love this kind of girl!!
because i'm not this type of girl. HAHA

It all happened in a day.
The story was saying about a woman who named Grace Wong
been kidnapped by a group of so-called Interpol,
she found a broken phone there and fix it up,
then was successfully connected to a helpful guy name Bob.
Once the line is cut, she cant never contact him again...

Click Here
For the download of this movie.
If you already installed xunlei this downloading programme,
it will be faster.
Must Watch!
maybe some of you guys already watched before.

And what i really like about this movie is,
the movie is very details.
I always look for details, details, details in every movie.
Slumdog Millionaire and Connected did that.
But not Bride Wars.
Lately i watched Bride Wars,
but i think it's not that details.
Not really satisfied with it.
But overall is okay lah.

* P/S : it's a nice one. you wont regret for watching it.